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We have taken all the key science & made it simple & easy to learn, without losing the essence of what you need to become the very best Animal Behaviourist you can be.

We are unique for 3 crucial reasons … Firstly, we teach APPLIED animal behaviour – we take all the complexity of scientific animal behaviour research and extract and teach you what you need to become a great animal behaviourist.  

Secondly, we specialise in changing dreams into reality by supporting you through self-development, giving you our standard animal behaviour modification programmes to get you started in your own Animal Behaviour Practice.  Our courses provide you with everything you need to set up your own Behaviour Practice & with worldwide coverage we include a hard copy of the whole course so you have it is a permanent reference guide.

Thirdly we use positive reinforcement exclusively. There is no fear, force or intimidation in any of our courses. If you have the right knowledge there is no place for anything but positive reinforcement.

Practical, simple, applied animal behaviour knowledge

The Equine & Canine Qualifications come in our Distance Learning Programme format so you never need to leave home.  With the same (or slightly more) content they lead to exactly the same qualification as our original residential courses – NAC Equine or Canine Behaviourist.  Stage 2 is already published and we are working on the Stage 3 & 4 programmes.

‘I recently graduated from the EBQ Stage 1 and would highly recommend the course. Lots of very useful information collected into the books and the assignments help to consolidate the learning.  I found the feedback on my work very helpful and kept me motivated.  I found this course very rewarding and am looking forward to going onto stage 2!

John Stephens, Milton Keynes

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