Natural Animal Centre Bach Flower Remedies Animal Councellor Course


This is the course for anyone who wants to help animals using the Bach Flower Remedies; it’s our own Animal Counsellor course certified by the Natural Animal Centre.  As we now have a more flexible relationship with the Bach Centre we can now offer our qualification to everyone – no need to have any Bach qualifications to become an NAC Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellor Course (AC) as our programme covers everything you need to know.


Heather Simpson with her unique qualifications as a neurologist, endocrinologist & behaviourist translated Dr. Bach’s human system, to one for animals and this is the course which arose from all that analysis.  The Distance Learning Programme is open to everyone. Whether you want to treat your own animals or qualify with the NAC as one of our NAC Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellors Course this course will get you what you want.


We ran a similar course for the the Bach Centre for 20 years, but we want to be able to offer it everyone who believes in our mission statement positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide  so there is no entry level requirement.  Our distance learning style takes you through a relaxed combination of theory, and practical case studies where you learn the application of the remedies gradually as you see them applied to real life case studies.


So you will be able to help animals by choosing the right remedies based on simple, applied animal behaviour.  Dr. Bach used negative emotional states, we will teach you how to identify the animal equivalent – abnormal behaviours.  And not only will we cover nine species in the course content, but by the time you are finished you will have a system to be able to treat any animal with a little research on their normal behaviours using the Natural Animal Centre’s own Behavioural Triangle®.


If you are already a Bach Centre Human Practitioner, the Bach Centre have been accrediting this course, as being suitable for their Animal Practitioner Register – check with the Bach Centre if this is your objective as the accreditation on their register is their decision.


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Avoid all the courier charges & customs problems.  Follow the instructions below and we’ll email you the programme as 3 PDF files so you can view them on your device or print them locally.  If you are in the EU we no longer courier programmes due to customs costs & delays so please follow the route set out below.   Programme Cost is now only £260 for all worldwide locations.


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Background to the Course

Over the 60 hours of self study we will lead you though the essential but simple animal behaviour that you need to be able to identify normal and hence abnormal behaviour.  This is backed up by real life case studies which will create a feel for the remedies and how they apply to animals specifically.  We cover nine species which, not only provides you with a great grounding on each, but teaches you the system of establishing normal and abnormal behaviours (negative emotional states in the Dr. Bach system).   Through the combination of theory and case studies we will put you on the track to making a real difference to animals.

If you are doing it for your your own animals then there’s no need to qualify formally.  If you want to practice as an accredited Natural Animal Centre Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellor then submitting and passing the three case studies and completing the assessment as an open book exercise at home will gain you the NAC’s formal accreditation.  Once you have completed the the course you can continue your education though the suggested reading as you come across new species in your practice.

Course Accreditation

The course is accredited by the Natural Animal Centre.  It is similar, but more comprehensive than the Level 3 practitioner course we ran for the Bach Centre for 12 years. Successful completion gains you the formal accreditation by the Natural Animal Centre together with your certificate proving your accreditation as a Natural Animal Centre Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellor.   As we have no formal relationship with the Bach Centre it does not automatically allow you to apply for a listing on their website,  but if you are already a Level 3 Human Practitioner the Bach Centre has accepted our graduates as Animal Practitioners to date, but you need to check with the Bach Centre as it their decision.

We do not cover 9 remedies that require really complex behavioural analysis as we have found that they are only required in truly exceptional circumstances.  Stage 3 addresses this issue.


  • Free access to your personal tutor by email
  • No time limits on qualifying
  • No deadlines
  • Open book Final Assessment
  • Personal Feedback on your Submissions

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