Distance Learning The Complete Package – Canine Stage 2


The programme follows the same format you will be familiar with from Stage 1 … theory backed up with Case Studies.  And you qualify in the same way – by submitting the Case Studies marked for submission.  That said, with the wealth of knowledge that you already have, you’ll find Stage 2 completely astounding.   All of our students who have experienced Stage 2 say that it changed their lives and not just from the  consulting perspective but in terms of self development as well.


You don’t need to formally pass Stage 1 to purchase the Stage 2 programme, although a solid grounding in Stage 1 concepts will help.


Once again we’ve taken all the science & made it simple & easy to learn, without losing the essence of what you need to become the more advanced Stage 2 graduate.  With ongoing personalised tutor feedback if you have the heart & desire to become exponentially more effective, together we will make it happen.


With the additional knowledge Stage 2 is centred around two things:

• Empowering you to specifically tailor your Behaviour Modification Programmes to each individual animal’s needs. With the concept of learning with reinforcement, safely behind you it is time to enter the hidden world of non-reinforcement learning. Experience has shown us that we needed to delay this more advanced area of learning theory until you had a firm grasp of the essential concepts of learning with reinforcement. It is this new area of learning theory, together with new information on memory & physiology that allows you to unravel & adapt the BMPs you already have, to each specific individual animal. This is what makes your approach exponentially more effective.

• Adding to your knowledge so you are able to take on the more complex behavioural issues you will come across in practice. In Stage 2 we expand all of the knowledge you have gained so far by adding new, more advanced areas of leaning theory and physiology.


At Stage 2 level you ought to be looking for an 80% change in the first 24 hours.
So a massive acceleration in results following your consultation.


So here’s what you can expect in Stage 2 …

  • Non-reinforcement learning & all the new power to adapt behaviour programmes that this brings
  • Additional training-based learning theory concepts & tools
  • Physiology of neurotransmission and crucially its application of the ‘gap of silence’ concept in BMP’s & training
  • How Extinction BMP’s really work & hence how to avoid all the pitfalls
  • Memory & learning – how to improve memory retention & hence entrench new, desired behaviours more effectively
  • Eating disorders – new pica & coprophagia BMP’s
  • How to become a more effective consultant which includes a section on Transactional Analysis theory which will not only make you more effective as a behaviourist but more effective in your personal life as well.


Stage 2 leverages the massive skill set you acquired in Stage 1 to make you exponentially more effective in practice.


Stage 3

In Stage 3 we add a whole new practical layer on the concepts raised in the 1st two stages which allows you to consult with a wider training & management perspective creating even more effective results based on your vast breadth of knowledge.  You will be challenged to reconsider welfare & training of animals & asked if it is truly “fair” no matter how it is taught. It is this breadth of knowledge that will allow you to be perceived as being truly exceptional in your field.  Stage 3 provides a richness of knowledge which changes you irrevocably in terms of how your clients perceive you.


Stage 4

In Stage 4 we add the concepts of consciousness which allow you to take everything you have learnt in the three Stages so far and apply it in a new advanced, practical way accelerating the results for each individual animal.  With a working knowledge of of how the animal “thinks” you will identify short cuts to the end result based on the animal’s consciousness –  achieving what clients may well view as being magical.  But we are now in the area of a high-level science so we need your base of scientific knowledge to be absolutely solid before we tackle this subject matter.


You will cover issues such as:

  • Do have animals have free will?
  • Are elephants the only ones that grieve?
  • Can horses count?

And much more … Stage 4 will blow your socks right off !!

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