Distance Learning The Complete Package – Equine Stage 1


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We’ve taken all the science & made it simple & easy to learn, without losing the essence of what you need to become the very best Animal Behaviourist you can be.  With personalised tutor feedback if you have the heart & desire to set up your own practice together we will make it happen.


Firstly, we teach applied animal behaviour – we take all the complexity of scientific animal behaviour research and extract what you need to become a great behaviourist.


Secondly, we specialise in changing your dreams into reality by supporting you through self-development, giving you the standard NAC Animal Behaviour Modification Programmes for you to personalise & get you started in your consulting practice.


Here’s what students say about our courses:

I recently graduated from the EBQ stage 1 and would highly recommend the course.  Lots of very useful information collected into the books and the assignments help to consolidate the learning.  I found the feedback on my work very helpful and kept me motivated. I found this course very rewarding and am looking forward to going onto stage 2!

Through the Distance Learning Programmes, we offer a unique experience – it’s the complete skill set you need to create your own consulting business


  • All the easy to learn, scientific knowledge to diagnose & fix animal behaviour issues
  • Persuasion skills to ‘sell’ your animal behaviour solutions to clients
  • Life changing personal development
  • Support to set up your own Animal Behaviour Consulting Business.


You’ll be consulting as an Animal Behaviourist after Stage I earning a living from what you love to do.  With the Distance Learning you can go at your own pace – there is no limit on how long you have to complete the programme, but equally the record to qualify currently stands at 2 months!! Submit and pass the Case Studies & you are ready to go out and consult having completed Stage I.

If you want we can make you more efficient in Stage II, give you fantastic depth in Stage III and cover animal consciousness in Stage IV, but that’s all optional.


The secret of why we are different to universities is simple – we are here to make animals’ lives better … we have the passion which drives our mission statement:   ‘positively influencing the well being of animals worldwide


We want you out there consulting, because that’s the best way we can utilise our skills to help animals – making you to be part of our mission statement.


By the time you leave us you will have both the technical knowledge & the persuasive skills, because animals only benefit from your advice if the owner implements your advice.

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