Raw African Experience, Wild Africa Trip – 16 Days

Ranging from the extraordinary splendour of the Kruger Park overnighting in chalets to the raw African Experience of camping with no fences & having elephants walking thru your camp.  Your choice but all with a common extraordinary theme …


At the centre of our small, exclusive trips is the personal touch – Ross with his extensive knowledge of animal behaviour and Wild Africa will be your personal guide round the clock.  Each day as we come across a new species we pause to not only to observe in awe, but to consider their behaviours, their evolutionary choices of what makes them successful & what the implications are for domestic species.  By the time you leave us in Africa you will never feel the same about animal behaviour.


When you leave you will have a deep visceral understanding of where our domestic species arose and why they behave as they do.


We cocoon you in safety & comfort from the minute you set foot in Africa so you can focus fully on the experience of the African bush.  Our experiences are intentionally intense because if we get you emotionally involved, the learning theory predicts you will learn faster & retain more.  This is about awaking your own personal understanding of evolution and it impact on modern animals.


All of our trips are very personal being limited to a maximum of six guests and we use our two iconic Land Rovers so it feels like the wilds of Africa the minute you step off the plane.  Everything you could want is included from great food to the exquisite wines of South Africa.  As the trip progresses you will begin to feel immersed in the wild life be it birds & their calls to insects, reptiles, herbivores to carnivores.


We believe the way to experience Africa is be submerged in the wealth & complexity of what is here waiting for you.


… so all you need to do is choose what feels right for you …

16 Days Mana Pools – Zimbabwe

(xx/xx to xx/xx)

  • Camp under the stars of an African night sky
  • Early morning & late afternoon game drives
  • Evening meals around a camp fire
  • Free time to relax during the heat of the day
  • Experience the wild Africa as it has always been
  • Access to your guide who is there for you 24/7

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